Aliens, football, and beer? Oh my.

I rarely take part in the discussions over at Atheist Nexus. No fault of the forum. Every time I do happen to visit, I stumble across hundreds of fascinating discussions. I don’t spend time there because I have a full-time job and something has to give. I limit my internet procrastination time to surfing writing blogs and’s Writing Forum.

My aim for this blog is to read and review authors who claim to be an atheist. But, I’ve had a hard time finding genre writers who happen to be atheists. The thing is, if you are a genre writer trying to appeal to the widest possible audience, it is probably best to keep your atheism under wraps. Actually, any new writer probably tip-toes around their religious and political views – just in case.

But I digress. Because I couldn’t readily find the atheist writers I was looking for, I made an announcement over on the Atheist Nexus forum. And would you believe it? I done caught me an atheist writer!

Mr. Erik Zane was kind enough to tell me about a book he and Frank Zane recently published called Alabama Alien Abduction (available in Kindle and print from He was a little hesitant, afraid I would skewer him.

I am not going to skewer him.

However, this book is a self-published book and it shows. There were a few punctuation errors, that though consistent, were grievous enough to bug me throughout the book. And the e-book formatting could have been given a lot more attention.  Even with all that, I still found it entertaining. The tale starts out with a Bubba (yes, Bubba) catching himself an alien who got left on earth. Bubba, Bubba’s friend Lewis, and the alien have themselves a few social blunders that are inevitable with one captures an alien, but beer, collard greens, and oatmeal pies make up for it.  Oh, and football.  Football, apparently, bridges all inter-planetary communication.  Eating and watching football precipitates the other great inevitable – a trip to the bathroom – and there lies the secret to alien/human relations: Alien Whiz.

A fun romp with a few Southern hospitality and etiquette lessons thrown in for good measure, I found Alabama Alien Abduction to not be my cup of tea. However, it was a light-hearted tale that may appeal to some, and in the end Bubba might indeed have the answer to all our problems.

Three stars for a good effort.

2 comments on “Aliens, football, and beer? Oh my.

  1. If by “football” you mean what we call “American Football” then I think that ALIENates (sorry about the bad pun) an enormous section of a potential audience. American Football simply isn’t that big outside of North America so I’m afraid that joke will be lost on me.

    • Yes, the book does feature American football, and though I am not a fan, I think the book might appeal to non-US readers precisely because it focuses on American football. The way the book is written, Bubba kind of acts as the southern states ambassador. In a funny way, he introduces the reader to Alabama culture and social etiquette as he carts the alien around town. :)

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